Woodworm is the wood-eating larvae of many species of beetle. It is also a generic description given to the infestation of a wooden item by these larvae. Lots of helpful pictures – from Industry Award Winners – Wise Property Care. The definitive signs of woodworm beetle guide.

Hints, tips and pictures to help you recognise when you have a woodworm problem in your property.

The extent of woodworm damage depends on how long the woodworm has been active. While it takes a long time for a woodworm infestation . Click now to read our Top Ten Tips for Dealing with Woodworm. Woodworm lives for up to five years inside a piece of wood due to their life cycle. We explain the life cycle and why it is essential to get rid of woodworm.

Woodworm can significantly damage your wooden furniture before you notice the problem. Find out how to identify an active woodworm infestation in your home . We conduct a full survey to assess the extent of the woodworm problem and our specially .

Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch dict. Q: Yesterday I found a large piece of wood in my garage with woodworm holes. I immediately ejected it to the back garden. Do not fear — even the worst cases of woodworm in furniture can be treated. NOT many of us have a full understanding of the ageing process . We put together some further information to help you identify a . These are live Common Furniture beetles which were landing on a mahogany dining table outside our Totnes.

Our guide explains how woodworm can damage your home, how to treat it and whether your home insurance will cover the cost. In our latest How To Guide, we share our expert knowledge around identifying and treating woodworm. Answering all the Frequently Asked Questions about Woodworm problem in Scottish properties and explaining Woodworm treatment solutions. The timber that makes up the property . Although more rare than cockroaches or rodents, woodworms are amongst the most destructive household pests.

For woodworm treatment Coventry, Leicester, Northampton contact us today. If the woodworm infests the timbers that support the house, it could be cause structural damage . We treat woodworm issues in properties of all ages and sizes. All woodworm treatments are specially designed to disrupt at least one of the lifecycle stages of.

You may not realise that you have a woodworm problem until the resulting damage becomes visible, so early identification is key before they cause more harm.

A recent trial has shown that there may be scope for using spiders rather than sprays to control woodworm populations.