Hdl knx

Give your guests the service they deserve with our dedicated smart hotel solutions. HDL headquarters regularly held smart home. Channel 16A Relay Module: Main Function. Mit den KNX -Komponenten von HDL lassen sich zahlreiche Szenarien zur nutzerfreundlichen Steuerung von Licht-, Verschattung und Klimatechnik im Smart . Kanal 16A KNX Starkstrom-Schalt-Aktor.

With this KNX -USB interface you have the possibility to address every bus device in the bus system.

The communication protocol used for communication. CH 10A High Power Switch Actuator. One sensor to rule them all.

HDL DIMMER 2CH – Click for more info . Treten Sie in direkte Verbindung mit . HDL Buspro solutions have just been installed into the Jingan Sports Center! Example: HDL integration with KNX through Logic Machine 2. Control HDL protocol-based dimmer and relay according to KNX objects value change.

Focused towards: Hospitality and Solutions. Developed by HDL as a more adaptable alternative to KNX. Users are provided with a system that is as capable as. Controling HDL , KNX , C-Bus, Crestron on iRidium.

Guangzhou Hedong Electronic Co. Intelligent Installation Systems). The USB interface is able to support the setting of addresses, . HDL KNX system to utilize a USB interface. Universal interface IN . With functions of heating control, cooling control, fan speed control: options . Browse and view all of the Buspro, KNX and wireless products . A series Switch Actuators use 50A high power magnetic . The occasion was also used to inaugurate officially the new accredited KNX test lab at the premises of HDL , making it the second KNX. Panel controller as the following sections.

Roa Tianhe Development. Zone of HighNew Technology . We present Crestron HDL Smart Bus Integration Modules.