Creatibles diy eraser kit

The easy make and bake eraser kit where you can shape your own eraser. The portable kit includes twelve colors of . Eraser Kit , which retails for around $12. You build it, bake it and erase . The kit includes a rainbow assortment of clay colors that you can sculpt and . This DIY eraser kit has colors of soft, pliable clay that you can shape into whatever object or critter suits your fancy!

Then simply bake your shape in the oven . Now you can create your own erasers in fun, colorful shapes. Build it, bake it and erase with it! This pliable clay acts similarly to Sculpey.

Express yourself and make your own erasers. Top your pencils with your creations. Soft and pliable eraser clay Erases super smooth Sturdy hard plastic. Create silly characters .

Mix the clays together for even more colorful. Make your own eraser, the easy make and bake eraser kit where you can shape your very own eraser. Perfect addition to your list of kid craft ideas! Kids can make and bake their own erasers and pencil toppers with this colourful kit!

Little artists will have so fun much creating their own art supplies with this make-your-own eraser kit. Test your creative skills with this super fun DIY eraser kits ! Use the pre-made moulds or make your own designs for you and your pals! Easy to follow instructions . Ready to make your own erasers? In this tutorial Im going to show you how to make erasers. International Arrivals: Books.

Includes pliable clay colors that can be mixed for . When you have finished your . Fun and functional, it can be molde sculpte stamped or patterned . With this easy make-and-bake eraser kit, you can shape your very own eraser into any object that you can think of. ERASER KIT is a trademark of OOLY, LLC. We made under the sea creatures!