Bokashi bin

The easy and clean way to compost your food waste! When the bucket is opene the contents, . The bokashi bin is a Japanese system that pickles your waste (bokashi means fermentation) and is perfectly suited to small spaces. Inspired by watching Dive!

This fabulous system allows you to turn ALL kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost.

Meat, fish, and dairy products can now be added to a traditional home . All you need are two plastic buckets and a drill. Or you can use it in conjunction with a wormery or compost heap – simply add the product of your bokashi bin to your wormery a few handfuls at a time. The outermost bucket has a tight fitting lid and the inner bucket has holes in . USING THE BOKASHI BUCKET. Middle: Plastic bag to decrease air exposure.

BottoBucket with lid—no smell here!

Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. It is an ingenious Japanese system that ferments all your kitchen waste and transforms it into the true . Bokashi means fermented organic matter in Japanese. The hows, whys, and whatnots of bokashi composting, explained.

Please note this is only a spare tap for our Urban Composter Bins. In bokashi bin composting, you take your food waste directly to your compost bin, without going through the process of fermentation first. Add it to your bin, add . Cartoon of lady standing with a spade over a hole in the soil and a Bokashi. Frequently asked questions about bokashi composting and recycling. South African indigenous microbes.

Revolutionise the way you think about composting. We introduced bokashi composting in our town on a trial basis. You just throw your food waste in a heap and poof, it becomes plant food . Lots of articles you read will say that you can use a bokashi bin to make compost. At least not in the sense that word is .

The kit supplied is all you need …. However, in colder conditions the fermentation process slows down, so it should be left to . In practice this involves having a separate bokashi bin in the kitchen to which food waste is added. It allows you to recycle 1 of your kitchen food waste and .