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In order to comply with German and European regulations on effluent discharge, the construction of a high performance wastewater treatment plant was required . Basierend auf Total Visits . In addition to drinking- or process water treatment GTWE also offers systems and plants for waste water treatment. The challenge in transferring that technology to other countries is more the . Visitors Programme: Green Tech (made) in Germany.

GmbH is an owner-manage midsize family-run business located in Hamburg, Germany. Water Management and Waste. EnviroChemie is a leading german plant engineering company for industrial water treatment , water circulation and wastewater treatment. SGS provides practical water treatment solutions, including the treatment of ARD (Acid Rock Drainage) and heavy metal contaminated wastewaters.

Drinking water treatment plant for removal of iron and manganese and reduction of. The waterworks of a municipality in Northern Germany supplies approx. KLARO – Your specialist for small wastewater treatment plants, container treatment.

Wastewater treatment plants MADE in GERMANY.

Germany is the European country with the highest waste water. Some salient features of the sector compared to other developed countries are its very low per capita water use, the high share of advanced wastewater treatment and very . Clearly one of the best solutions for decentralized wastewater treatment ! All TIA wastewater treatment plants are „Made in Germany “. Filtering contaminants from recycled water. Over the years Germany has become increasingly environmentally conscious.

Its anti-pollution policies succeeded . ATB sewage treatment systems to develop a small wastewater treatment plant. The occurrence of drug residues belonging to different medicinal classes like antiphlogistics, lipid regulators, psychiatric drugs, antiepileptic drugs, . Innovative cooling tower water treatment to the pharmaceutical sector in Germany. Seccua: Innovative drinking water purification. Here we develop and manufacture standardized . Through efficient technology we achieve the best possible.

For more Information, visit our website. The 10or so plants in Germany consume something like 4gigawatt-hours of . However, the accomplishing of this task was not always taken for granted or even seen as necessary. Whether it has to do with sourcing and supplying drinking water or treating wastewater.

Germany , the development of the waste water treatment. Clean wastewater treatment.