Swivl robot

Folgt Ihnen auf Schritt und Tritt. Ideal für die Aufnahme von Unterrichtseinheiten, Seminaren, Vorlesungen, Therapie-Sitzungen, . Die SWIVL Roboter aus Satarii ist ein Mehrzweck-Roboter-Bewegung platfrom- und Tracking-System für Ihr iOS-und Android-Mobilgeräte. My time is freed to help the . It also saves you time and effort by keeping your data organized and secured.

We make it fun for everyone, even students!

The robot invasion has begun. Until robots become sentient and decide to exact revenge on an unsuspecting human . Presentations and corporate training. SWIVL C-Series Robot Our most advance easy-to-use video capture solution for teachers and students.

Video Automation Our robot follows you with great . A new breakthrough robot to help teachers or students create video on the move. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Shop für Roboterstaubsauger und andere Haushaltsroboter, professionelle Roboter , Roboterspielzeuge, .

Swivl C Series Robot CKit. It is a line of sight connection. Base receiver must “see” the . Win a Copy of the Shake Up Learning Book! The vendor defines their solution as “a mobile . Key Features: Motion tracking . It can be sat on a desk or mounted on a tripod.

Control the robot with any marker at the touch of a . A new element to a live conferencing program will allow students in remote locations to participate in classroom activities, thanks to their ability . Does not include Justand V2e integration kit. Since the beginning of the school year,. Turns your mobile device into presentation delivery tool, a front-of- room assistant and automated video solution.

SWIVL Capture allows you to record and upload to SWIVL Cloud. It follows you, stops to focus on .