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By continuing to use our website, . Proven MULTILAM technology with high long-term stability, which ensures . All of our products utilize the Multilam (TM) technology from signal . Leading manufacturer of electrical contacts and connectors. Mainly used in automotive .

Multi – Contact , a leading international manufacturer of electrical contacts and. The MULTILAM is a multi -functional contact interface, which provides. MULTILAM are specially forme resilient copper-alloy contact elements that are. Stäubli provides innovative mechatronics solutions.

Made by MultiContact and guaranteed for use with their connectors. Single-pole, double insulated solar cable with fine-wire . CombiTac modular connector system combines various contact types including power.

Electronic connectors and contact systems for aerospace technology. Dieser Schritt bestätigt seine . Juni 3rd Annual Offshore Wind. Staubli Electrical Connectors Inc. Multi Contact offers total solutions because the installation and correct selection of the.

Wir sind ein international tätiges Unternehmen. Elektrische Steckverbinder, Systemlösungen, kundenspezifische Lösungen, komplett geprüfte Baugruppen und konfektionierte Steckverbinder . A pioneer in advanced contact technology is teaming up. New Munich Trade Fair Center, hala B stánek . Multikupplungen Mit STÄUBLI -Multikupplung werden mehrere Einzelkupplungen für gasförmige und.

Vom Fachmann der Elektromobilität: Speicher, Solarmodule, Komplettanlagen, Inselanlagen. Firma (Name) und Sitz des übertragenden Rechtsträgers: Multi -Holding AG, . SCARA Roboter und 6-Achs Roboter. Tragkräfte von – 1kg. MULTILAM contact band technology guarantees permanent contact between . Available in several formats and a variety of configurations, it opens up new possibilities and .

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