Stage acoustics

Flexibilität ist bei uns ein großes Thema. Full-Text Paper (PDF): The influence of stage acoustics on sound exposure of symphony orchestra musicians. Good acoustic design for large concert halls becomes progressively more. For stage acoustics the conflicts of interest are often with visual or lighting concerns.

Since the second half of the 20th century there has been a growing body of research concerning the correlation between physically . The past decades, also the importance of acoustic comfort for musicians on the stage is recognized.

Good stage acoustics is important for the orchestra to easily. In a next step, the stage acoustic design focusses on the stage and its surrounding surfaces. One of the first research-based guidelines come from Marshall et al.

Martijn Vercammen (a), Margriet Lautenbach ( b). In rectangular concert halls all surfaces near the stage can be valuable for. This paper explored the issues of on- stage acoustics associ-. Stage and pit acoustics in opera houses.

Relationships between physical acoustic parameters and stage design variables were investigated using computer simulation.

Early acoustical theaters were just that – acoustic. The good news and the bad news are usually the same. Item Type, Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). Uncontrolled Keywords, auditorium acoustics ,objective and subjective investigations. The stage acoustics was evaluated in the actual hall, and with two models:.

Support parameters3: STearly. Stand on stage and imagine all the surfaces from which your sound . STAGE ACOUSTICS FOR MUSICIANS: A MULTIDIMENSIONAL APPROACH USING 3D. This project is a study of acoustics from perspective of solo musicians on stage. The goal is to specify understandable acoustical parameters for the musicians to. Vocal performance characteristics, such as tempo, colour, and expressiveness of singers are part of the unique artistic impression of individual . This acoustic guitar series is available at Breedlove Guitars.

Portable, full- stage acoustical shells for schools and performing arts centers. Dynamic and clear acoustics on stage with virtual technology. The Opus II Concert Acoustic Shell creates a beautiful, acoustical.

In concert hall acoustics, the acoustical requirements for music players.