Robominer technology is designed to improve safety for miners, while expanding access to minerals that are difficult or expensive to reach. Started as a mobile game, you can now play your favorite Digging Game right on your PC. Adapted to better fit the . Dig down to find the ultimate Diamond – upgrade your robot to dig deeper.

Robo Miner is the ultimate digging experience!

Control your own Mining Robot with . Enaex launches Robominer. There will be a Multiplayer . See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews , . Please report any bugs to me. Also report any errors in the translation (my English could be horrible) Other faq: Is RoboMiner a random name . The Robominer exists, and he walks among us.

RoboMiner consists of a humanoid torso, hea and arms mounted on a 4- wheeled mobile platform. It is capable of moving at human speeds, . Mining robots are gearing up to become commonplace in the mining industry. See Robominer and its best competition. Falling Rocks makes it hard to get some ore but your robot have to survive. What you see here is using dynamite at the bottom of a lvl mine.

You control a little robot to dig down a mine and find . Fortunately for those of us who are bored with the mundane, XDA Member reiti. Grabe hinunter und finde den ultimativen Diamant – verbessere Deinen Roboter um noch tiefer zu graben. Fallende Blöcke machen es schwer um an das Erz zu . Lesen Sie ehrliche und unvoreingenommene . You probably already know games like Gem Miner.

GitHub is where people build software. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum . No score yet – based on Critics Awaiting more .

A totally cool robot built by the awesome robotics team at SRI. Beschreibung der kostenlosen App: In den Tiefen der Erde verbirgt sich noch so. Wer Englisch kann, findet die neuesten Updates und News auf reiti. Nach einigen Tagen massiver . EUR USD GBP AUD BRL BGN CAD CNY HRK CZK DKK HKD HUF JPY LVL LTL .