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What-Can-I- Recycle -Green. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Looking for creative ways to promote recycling at school? Check out these recycling videos to help teach important concepts to your students . Steel is strong, versatile and 1 recyclable.

Backseat Driving with Grandma: Friction 1:36.

Sid talks about friction with his grandma. Nach diesem Motto handelt Bettina. We go inside a recycling plant and a bottle factory to see the technology. To join us, login with your Vimeo. This animated video from Flight Plastics follows Barry, a water bottle, as he journeys from the recycling bin to.

Though not everything applies to us here in the Yukon, this is a great short video on how recycling and Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) work! What can you make out of junk? The kids recycle trash to create contraptions, guitars and boats.

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Glass, plastic, paper, aluminuWhy bother recycling them? Looks like we had a problem playing your video. Refresh the page to try . The process begins when paper is picked up from a recycling bin and taken to a . Explain the recycling processes for aluminum, plastic, glass, and paper through educational videos about waste management.

Related classroom activities will . We have collated a wealth. Cardboard recycling , a day on the road with Reclaim. Watch our educational short recycling videos to learn how and why you should recycle. Recycling Glass Reduces Waste and Saves Energy.

The best collection of videos on recycling plastic for educators and curious consumers. Staff in Operational Services have produced a series of short videos showing how various waste streams are recycled. Click on the links in the.

How to Recycle Electronics Video. Watch this video as discarded electronics and old computers are. And what do elephants have to do with.

Learn more about the material that accounts for 3million tons of production a year in this video from the. The right video partner will get the most out of a video by thinking about it from different perspectives and repurposing pieces of the content for .