Noise meter

Noise Meter Messen Sie die Lautstärke des Sounds mit Ihrem Android. Einfach zu bedienen und leistungsstark. Unterstützen Sie die digitalen Filter. Schallpegelmesser (oder SPL) App zeigt eine Dezibel-Werte nach dem Maß der Umgebungslärm , Displays gemessen dB-Werte in verschiedenen Formen.

Decibel X is one of very few noise meter apps on the market that has highly reliable, pre-calibrated measurements and supports dBA, dBC. Here are some great decibel and .

From noisy nightclubs to loud manufacturing facilities, Extech decibel meters are used around the world to test whether a sound level exceeds levels established . A free classroom noise level meter , monitor and management tool. Perfect if your school kids are too noisy! A sound level meter is used for acoustic measurements.

Level A-weighted equivalent ‎: ‎ LAeq Level C-weighted Slow minimum ‎: ‎ LCSmin Level A-weighted Fast maximum ‎: ‎ LAFmax Level Z-weighted Impulse maximum ‎: ‎ LZImax . researchers have been writing reviews. Abstimmungsergebnisse An Intuitive way to find environmental noise near you. Environmental noise is one of the most prevalent pollutants in the world today, with potential negative impacts on your health.

Cirrus offers a range of Class and Class hand-held sound level meters and accessories to cover all noise measurement applications from simple noise tests.

BetriebssysteAndroid 2. Hardware: Samsung Galaxy S. The system is fully integrated with the . Sound level meters , noise dosimeters and environmental noise monitors. The online shop from NoiseMeters offers buyers professional advice on product . Noise monitoring just got easy with our range of sound . An easy-to-understand explanation of how sound pressure level (SPL) meters can be used to measure noise. Do you work in a loud restaurant, a concert or sports venue, or at a construction site? Ever wonder if the noise could be damaging your hearing . For Community Noise Ordinance Measurements and Nuisance Complaint. JASCO’s OSThe over-the-side underwater sound level meter and acoustic recorder designed for environmental noise assessments.

Sound Level Meter produces accurate, citation-ready noise data on-the-spot, with. B introduces the new version of the DUO Smart Noise Monitor. Totally modular, DUO provides its users with the most complete offering to . The AC Voltmeter is high sensitivity voltmeter with 10µV full scale which nearly the limit of the measurement by the analog technique.

Amprobe SM-20-A Sound Meter ensures safe sound levels in health, industrial, and commercial environments.