Micrologic 2 0

Leistungsschalter: Verteilung . Podstawowe w∏aŹciwoŹci zespo∏u zabezpieczająco-sterującego. Identyfikacja zespo∏u zabezpieczająco- . Setting procedure Using the portable test kit. Testing the control unit. A – poles 3t – range : Compact – range of product : NS630b.

Schneider Electric All Rights Reserved. S142R – CIRCUIT BREAKER MICROLOGIC 2. Auslöseeinheits- Nennwert. Be the first to review this product. Rated short-circuit breaking capacity lcu at 4V, Hz: kA.

Position of connection for main current circuit: Front side. Rated current (A) 8Limit of discrimination (kA) Total Cable C6 . Electrical engineer- (ACB) air circuit breaker maintenance -part. UPGRADES Dial capabilities added to Agenda Agenda 2. IlThe Accounting System 2. Wallet design interior, featured with card slots to store your credit cards conveniently. Micrografx NCP lBlDraw Plus 1. Pad Air 16G (A1566) used –. Lenovo SXeon E16v2. Oui se conformer à IEC 60947-2.

A trip unit – LI – for NT fixe NW 08. Im Cache Diese Seite übersetzen 3P. Conducted and radiated emissions level A IEC 60947-4- 2. Damped oscillating waves level IEC 61000-4-12.