Isco ultra star

Panasonic Ghtest with the Isco Anamorphic Ultra – Star 2x (Red Version) and the Nikkor Nikon pancake lens. ISCO Ultra Star (GOLD) 1. Along with the Schneider Cinelux, the Isco Ultra Star is one of the most popular – and cheapest – modern anamorphic adapters. It works great and focuses ok.

C-mount Lens and Isco Ultra. FS: Isco Ultrastar Plus 2.

Justin Bishop › Videos 03. The goal here was to practice shooting with my Isco. During a recent storm in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Bei eBay von Zeit zu Zeit zu sehen, einige der neueren Projektionsobjektiv, Spiegelkörper . After some additional experimentation, . Hi, ich bin auf der nach einer Isco Ultra Star HD 55mm Linse. Magna-Tech Electronic Co. The Isco Red Ultrastar Plus 2. It was never meant to be used with a DSLR camera however with some adapters it can be .

I have been gushing about the Cosmicar since I got it. I saw one image that caught my eye a year ago and it never left me, so I found it again, . Find isco ultra star plus from a vast selection of Film Photography. Finally, the music clip I shot is out. Great decoration work and showing that the mighty 50D . For the ANAMORPHIC shooter! Ich konnte mir endlich einen meiner Träume erfüllen und habe mir einen anamorphischen Objektiv-Adapter auf Ebay gekauft.

So I finally got around to do some more testing with the Isco -Optic Ultra – Star anamorphic lens. This was all shot with the full-frame Canon 6 . Motion Picture Projector Lens. Will fit most 35mm Cinema . Profitable price on shopping from Ebay with comfortable and fast . USEFUL LINKS Look for an Isco Ultra Star on eBay goo.

PUu The full Anamorphic on a Budget guide . Iscorama Anamorphics are very well know among anamorphic lovers. CINEMASCOPE ULTRA S f=65mm – 2. Pretty good at making people talk. Ultra star isco-optic hd anamorphic mc 2x 75mm 2.