Giant robot

MegaBots makes the world more epic, one giant robot at a time by creating the first sports league of giant fighting robots, piloted by you. The term mecha (メカ, meka) may refer to both scientific ideas and science fiction genres that center on giant robots or machines controlled by people. Art, Prints, Toys, T-shirts and books. Giant Robot Store and GRGallery – Asian pop culture and beyond. Located on Sawtelle Blvd in West Los Angeles.

The oft-delayed giant robot fight has finally taken place. UPDATE* We screwed up and ran out of money. Watch Season 2: http://bit. These robots seem like something you see in a sci-fi movie, but the giant robots in this video actually exist in. America and Japan will square off in giant robot combat this Tuesday live on Twitch.

The giant mechs are both over feet tall and are ready . Open daily from 11am to Late. Join us for foo booze and grooves – Families welcome. We have an exclusive area in Giant. A couple days ago, a giant robot battle that had been in the making for two years happene an like so many things in this miserable, . Hop off the Jubilee Line or the DLR and .