Elevator cheerleading

An elevator is the second highest cheer stunt made with one stunt group. Cheerleading is about trust and if you do not . Ein Cheer besteht aus einer Kombination von mehr als Worten, die sich meist. Eine kurze Tanzeinlage, mit der man spontan auf jede Musik einsetzen kann.

All cheerleading gymnastics, including partner stunts, pyramids, jumps. Prerequisite: Elevator extension double take to elevator extension.

See how to do this cheerleader stunt in this video. Do an elevator stunt in cheerleading. Click through to watch this video on videojug. A Full Elevator , aka a Full, should be learned from a prep position (see video below). Once you have mastered that skill, you can do the Full from the groud up.

Champion Cheer All Stars. The top, without bending her legs, pushes through her arms, and steps off the front. Are you ready for information on the Ground Up Full?

For all of the details, click CIC Ground Up Full!

Remember, you should MASTER . Videos o Shouldersit (1) o Shoulderstand (2) o Elevator und Extension (3) o Block (4). The flyer must hit a elevator position before sitting into a prep position. Stunts o Pyramiden o Tanz.

Once flyers are in elevator have them hit inside heal stretch, shoulder sit flyer holds elevator flyers heal stretch. Or once flyers are in elevators. It makes most pyramids and higher level stunts possible. Purpose-lays foundation for elevators , coordinating two bases.

Uses-transitional stunts, levels and pyramids. The extreme stunts seen on sports television during national cheerleading. If your squad is getting bored with the same old elevator and straight cradle stunts, add a 3load-in to your elevators to spice up your routines. AUSTIN — Twenty-six teenage cheerleaders tried to cram themselves into an elevator at the University of Texas to see how many would fit, but . The elevator stunt is a basic stunt that can be adapted into more advanced stunts .