Adopt a highway

Volunteers beautify roadsides two miles at a time. You or your civic or volunteer group sign a two-year agreement to pick up litter at least two . Their efforts save MoDOT about $million . Across the country, thousands of communities have signaled their commitment to keeping America beautiful by adopting stretches of highway and pledging to . Department of Transportation (NCDOT) in response to growing public concern .

Roadside litter costs millions of dollars annually to control. Often, it is impossible to keep up with the trash that thoughtless people have dumped on us. Guar protect and cherish your lan for there is no after life for a place that started out as Heaven. Roadsides Clean Become an AAH volunteer and help keep North Carolina roadsides litter free!

Litter-free roads promote a clean . The program, which began. Learn how you can get involved.

Adopt A Highway Maintenance jobs available on Indeed. Most types of state highways may be adopted , including 2-lane, limited access, and boulevards (e.g., M-5 I-7 US-131). While saving taxpayer dollars, the program provides . It is a two-year voluntary commitment to clean up . Aberdeen Area Office, Mitchell Area Office, Pierre Area Office, Rapid City Area Office.

Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) information. It provides private and civic organizations with the opportunity to . It has been the most successful program to help fight litter along our highways to date. Help keep your community beautiful! Companies, clubs, families . On stretches of most highways, you see the signs every few miles.

Individuals must have reached their 12th birthday to participate in this program. Submit completed application to DOT county garage where adopted highway is . This new effort is designed . Las Tablas at 1looking towards Twin Cities Hospital.

IDOT believes in partnering with Illinois communities statewide to promote a safer, sustainable and effective transportation system for . They acknowledge individuals, businesses and organizations . Atheists United supports the community by sponsoring the highway cleanup of the Glendale (2) freeway.